50 random facts!

Hello my little pretties!

So, I’ve wrote a hand full of blog posts before; for college work etc but they’ve never really been a blog about my little life. So I thought I’d give it a shot, why not? It may seem all over the place for a short while as I’ve not written much since I left college which was almost two years ago now! So if you have any suggestions on what I could write about or how I could improve it feel free to leave a comment somewhere.
I think I’ll start by sharing a few facts about me and my life with you so here goes!
1. My full name is Mikayla Jayne Hughes.
2. I’m 19 years old.
3. My eyes change colour between green, brown & hazel when they feel like it.
4. I’m in a relationship with my best friend, Nathan John Jones aka lameass.
5. I work in subway and absolutely despise my job.
6. I’m a huge daddy’s girl and would be lost without him.

7. I have shoulder length hair which I am trying to grow.

8. I have 7 tattoos and definitely want more!

9. My favourite Disney princess always has been, and always will be Ariel.

10. I really want to go back to college or start university but I’m too scared.

11. I hate the smell of lavender, it’s just icky.

12. I reeeeally want to do something art-related with my life, I just can’t decide what yet.

13. My favourite Yankee Candle is ‘Black Cherry’.

14. I moved schools a total of 5 times.

15.  I can’t even count how many times I’ve moved house and I think that’s the reason I’m so scared of change now.

16. I don’t have a favourite colour, in real fact I don’t like colours. I’m really plain and simple when I comes to thinks like that, the majority of my wardrobe is monochrome, greys or dark shades.

17. I dyed my hair bleach blonde when I was 15.

18. My favourite book series (apart from Harry Potter) is Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor, it’s amazing!

19. Over the weekend I went to London with my better half. We went to the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour and I almost cried so many times, I want to back already and I only got back yesterday.

20. My parents tried for a baby for years before I was born, they had 2 sets of IVF treatment and were on the brink of giving up but decided to give IVF one more try, and now here I am!

21. I am named after my one of my aunties whose name is Kay.

22. I am a Leo.

23. I really want a fiat 500 even though I can’t drive and I’m not learning.

24. I studied Media, Art and Performing Arts in college.

25. Whenever I get down about my future and what career path I want to take my dad always reassures me by telling me I can always become a truck driver (like him).

26. When I tell people my natural hair colour is auburn-y (which it is) people just turn around and say so your ginger? So I’ve resorted in just telling people my natural hair is ginger to save the effort.

27. I hate not having my nails done, my hands look manly without acrylic’s.

28. I have the same birthday as J.K. Rowling and the fictional character; Harry Potter.

29. I have never tried sushi, but I really want to.

30. When I started primary school, they tried to force me to write with my right hand (yes, I am a left-y). Which has resulted in me being ambidextrous although I consider myself a left-y.

31. Once when I was a toddler my dad caught me trying to shave my ‘beard’. Shaving foam, razor and everything.

32. I absolutely love to sing, although I cannot sing AT ALL.

33. I LOVE gravy, like I can eat it with everything (including pizza).

34. My dad hated my tattoos when I first got them but he’s coming round to them now, he even calls me his ‘tattoo queen’.

35. I cannot wait to be a mother someday.
36. I never wear earrings in my lobes although I have them pierced. I only wear jewellery in my rook and diath. I also had my snug and nose pierced but I had to take them out for my job. I had my navel pierced but the bar fell out one day and I have never put another one in.
37. I have size 4 feet aka baby feet and my mum hates me for this because she can’t steal any of my shoes.
38. I buy way too many pairs of cute ankle boots. They are my ultimate go-to when I need abit of retail therapy, along with underwear.
39. In my spare time I looooove to just laze around and doodle shit.
40. I have a Little Mermaid themed iPad cover, money box, mug, pyjamas, 2 ornaments, cutlery set, sippy cup etc so I guess you could say I’m a little obsessed.
41. I’m in the middle of collecting all of the Disney ‘classics’ on DVD. Ideally I want them all with the holographic covers.
42. I can recite almost all of the Harry Potter films word for word; yes I have seem them all that ,any times.
43. I cannot wait to decorate my own place and fill it with all of my crap.
44. Camden Market recently became one of my favourite places, it’s so cute and unique I love it.
45. I don’t think I’ve ever had a pair of earphones for more than a month. I always lose/break them and it’s so frustrating!
46. One of my most annoying habits is cracking my knuckles and although I hate it I can’t seem to stop it.
47. I had braces for 3 years and was excited to get them because I hated my teeth before. But when I got them fitted I cried all the way home because they were so ugly.
48. I have to do a LUSH haul at least once a month to keep me and my skin happy.
49. I actually really struggled to do this post because I have never been good at talking or writing  about myself because I’m actually quite boring.
50. I’m really anxious for an interview I have tomorrow morning. Help.

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