As always, I was browsing online at bits and bobs for birthday present ideas for one of my girls who’s birthday is coming up next month. I was just looking through the accessories section of H&M’s website when I noticed the ‘Home’ section and thought to myself ‘why haven’t I looked at their homeware before?’. I have literally never come across it before – does this mean that I have been living under a rock for the last 6 months? I think so.

The stuff is absolutely amazing – and so affordable. I literally ended up with a basket full, whoops! With birthday’s and events coming up I wasn’t able to go to the checkout (oh how having to adult hurts) but I still thought I would share the beauties that I found. Who knows, I might even have a little spare cash at the end of the month and be able to purchase a few things.

Shelf unit £14.99; Metal basket £14.99; Small tealight holder £1.99; Patterned cushion cover £7.99; Small porcelain bowl £4.99; Small porcelain mug £4.99; Dishcloth £1.99; 2-pack porcelain mugs £12.99; Metal photo frame£12.99; Cotton cushion cover £3.99

literally fell in love and I am definitely going to be making a purchase in the future at some point. I’m hoping to decorate and paint some furniture in the next couple of months so a few new homeware pieces would finish that off perfectly.



8 thoughts on “H&M Homeware Basket

  1. I love H&M for homewares! I also selected the metal basket for a recent wishlist post. I really want it but not sure if it will fit in with my room design when I redecorate!

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      1. They would definitely do well in the minimal market, I love their range for basics in clothes and I think it’s the same for homewares xoxo


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