What a wonderful week.

7 days and counting until my birthday.

My beautiful niece was welcomed into the world on Tuesday, the hottest day of the year. I had the day off, so I spent the day looking after her big sister which was so much fun. It was nice to spend time just me and her. We played tea parties and watched endless amounts of CeeBeebies before getting a message at around 4pm to say that mother and baby were all okay. They both came home on Thursday and I got to meet baby Evie Sophia on Friday night after work, she is just perfect.

Thursday I had a bit of a crappy day in work, I just wasn’t feeling too good but when I came into work on Friday I had an amazing surprise. Although my last day in work (before my holiday) was today, Friday was the last day with the girls on my team before my birthday break. I literally almost cried when I came into work to find my desk all decorated with banners and confetti, along with cards and presents. How lovely are they? When my team leader came in with cupcakes – well that just topped it all off. They are such lovely girls, as I have said before I couldn’t have picked a better bunch of girls if I tried.  It got me so excited for my birthday. I hadn’t really thought a lot about it because that usually makes the time drag. But we decided that my birthday started from then.

Yesterday mumma and I headed out earlyish and decided on a change of scenery – we headed to Liverpool. We went for a mumma-daughter bonding day shopping and I have to say she completely spoilt me. We had so much fun, it was nice to do something completely different than normal. We wandered around for hours and I showed her all my favourite little spots in Liverpool. She hasn’t been in years, even though it’s kind of on our door step. We came home with bags full. But, lets not go into that too much, you’ll find out more in the near future. But, I went for my boobs measured because my bra’s have been getting a little tight lately, only to be informed that my boobs have grown 2 cup sizes and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about it. So I’ve had to completely clear out all my bra’s and get a whole new collection. Which has its upsides – new cute bra’s but also I had to throw out a few of my favourites which was sad.

Today, I have worked a small shift before Nathan and I’s two weeks off. I can’t wait to just chill it’s going to be so nice. Lauren picked me up from work and came around for an hour or so to have a little catch up. The whole hour just ended up in us being in hysterics over stupid little jokes and puns. We had some of the cupcakes that my TL made for my birthday on Friday, they we’re scrumptious. Now I’m chilled out on the sofa ready for a nice little cosy night in.

All in all, this week has been pretty great. I hope you have had a great week and are ready to fight those Monday blues tomorrow.





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