In all honesty, I wrote this post in hope that it would give me that kick up the backside to get the ball rolling with blogging again. As you probably have noticed, I haven’t really been the best blogger lately. I haven’t been motivated, and when I have been motivated, I’ve been too busy. I’ve been too busy because guess what? I haven’t been organised! Between my work life, blogging and personal life I have gotten a bit lost lately with my organisation particularly.

So, here are my favourite tips to kick that unorganised monster back into its corner.

  1. Get yourself a planner or diary. If there’s one thing that always helps me is to have all of my plans in my diary, no matter how big or small because then I can plan my spare time out effectively,
  2. Create to-do lists. Everyday. If you know what you need to get done that day, write it down in your list and tick tasks off as and when you do them.
  3. Set yourself goals. Goals always help me keep organised because it means setting myself deadlines, which keeps me productive. Setting myself goals always works well in my work life and blogging. I’m working on my blogging goals as we speak, in which I hope to hit some before the Christmas period.
  4. De-clutter If you’re like me, a messy atmosphere gives you a messy mindset. If I’m working in a cluttered space, it makes my mind cluttered, which leaves a messy outcome. Get rid of the things that you are keeping for a ‘just in case’ moment that will probably never happen. Struggling to de-clutter? Hollie Ann from It’s Hollie Ann has the perfect post to help you here.
  5. Take time out. If you plan your time out effectively enough, you’ll have time to chill out and not have to feel guilty about it. Day dreaming frees your mind which helps in the long run to be more productive.

Do you have any tips which you would like to share that help you get organised? I’d love to hear them! Drop them in the comments or tweet me.



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